Mindfulness is about being more awake to our lives. It is about training our attention; it is about becoming wiser by letting go of habitual ways of thinking and old stories that we tell ourselves as we make our way through the world and interact with others. It is about paying attention to our moment-by-moment experiences as they are happening, without judgment. Mindfulness is about becoming more attentive, more aware, and more alive.

While there are hundreds of forms of meditation, Mindfulness Meditation for Richmond offers Insight Meditation. Insight meditation facilitates the development of attentiveness and awareness. The practice enables you to uncover and understand the processes of your inner life, with new attention to how thoughts, sensations, and emotions unfold and influence each moment and each action.

Many experienced practitioners often say "mindfulness is simple but not easy." During practice, at some point everyone struggles with unpleasant realizations and discomfort. Insight meditation can lead to a different, less adverse, relationship with those very natural, human tendencies, one that both acknowledges difficulties and encourages moving through them. As you practice mindfulness meditation, you will become more at ease with all of your internal life.

We offer guidance for formal and informal meditation practices in the Richmond, VA area, individually or in groups; mentoring; retreats; classes; and presentations.

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Mindfulness Practice Groups

Here are the dates and times for 2018

Sunday January 7

Sunday February 11

Sunday March 11

Sunday April 15

All gatherings are from 10:30-12:30

Chrysalis Gathering Space

3527 Ellwood Ave in Carytown

Richmond, VA 23221

        No Cost


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Go to Chrysalis Institute: www.chrysalisinstitute.org  to learn more about Mindfulness classes and related offerings such as

MONDAYS FROM 6:00P - 6:30P; Silent Meditation Practice led by variuous local experienced meditators; Chrysalis Gathering Space, 3527 Ellwood Ave in Carytown



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