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Mindfulness meditation helps us to develop a clear mind, compassionate heart, and greater sense of well being. Calming our minds, we enter into fresh states of awareness and attain clearer understandings of our lives. Meditation offers us time and space to step away from our busy schedules, to develop awareness of our sensations, feelings, and thoughts as they arise and to accept ourselves just as we are.

Paying Attention, Being Aware

In mindfulness meditation, the emphasis is on simply being rather than doing, allowing rather than trying. We learn to exist in the present moment without being sidetracked by the presence of worry, fear, anxiety, jealousies, obsessions, and other habits of thought that often cloud our states of mind, color our activities, and fill our days with consequences. We become aware of how our emotions and perceptions limit our experience of reality and sometimes close our hearts.

By slowing down and quieting our minds, we begin to pay attention to our thoughts and feelings as they occur. As we observe them, we discover new capacities for appreciating ourselves and one another and for accepting life in all of its complex dimensions. As we heighten our awareness, our compassionate natures, open minds, and spacious hearts naturally emerge.

Detachment from Judgment, Clarity of Thought

Mindfulness meditation helps us to understand the inner workings of our minds and bodies without judgment. As we discover how our thoughts and actions condition our lives, a new clarity of vision forms. Detaching from our diverse mental processes, we awake to an underlying spaciousness that connects us all. We begin to see our lives in a new light, enhancing our awareness of life's fluidity and fostering kindness.

Ancient Origins

Our website logo references the ancient origins of mindfulness meditation. As neuroscientists confirm every day, mindfulness reveals powerful connections among our minds, our bodies, and our universe that are as old as human life itself.

With roots in Eastern philosophies, the modern practice of mindfulness can be traced most directly to Buddhism. The rays of our logo represent the ancient path to awakening, of which mindfulness is a key component. The three circles in the center refer to the fruits of that path of practice: clear seeing, compassion, and a sense of belonging to all of life.

Contemporary Practices

These traditions remind that our search to comprehend our human nature, and the nature of our universe, is ongoing, changing, and evolving. The 21st-century practice of mindfulness resonates with both ageless nuances and contemporary meanings. Modern medical studies are revealing the physiological under-pinnings of the emotional benefits of meditation: current research shows that meditation helps to reduce stress, lower blood pressure, rxinfocenter manage chronic pain, counter depression, and boost the immune system, among other positive effects.

Mindfulness takes discipline and patience. But by experiencing clarity, spaciousness, and openness, we awaken to our true natures. By paying attention, with kindness and without judgment, we exist in the present, moment by moment. By seeing clearly in the moment, we discover a presence that is calm, content, and caring. This is the essence of mindfulness.

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Mindfulness Practice Groups

Beginning Again in the Fall of 2017

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Chrysalis Gathering Space

3527 Ellwood Ave in Carytown

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MONDAYS FROM 6:00P - 6:30P; Silent Meditation Practice led by variuous local experienced meditators; Chrysalis Gathering Space, 3527 Ellwood Ave in Carytown



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