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KayKay M. Davidson

Kay is a mindfulness and meditation teacher and mentor. After retiring from a full-time practice in clinical psychology, she followed her deepening interest in the literature and practices related to Buddhism and its Western applications by taking coursework through Naropa University and the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies and by going on retreats offered at Bhavana, the Insight Meditation Society and IMCW.

With a B.A. from the University of Michigan, an M.S. and Ph.D. from Virginia Commonwealth University in Clinical Psychology, she has more recently participated in an 18 month program offered by the Claritas Institute for Interspiritual Mentoring and in Ocotber 2013 completed 2 years of training in the Meditation Teacher Training Institute with teachers Tara Brach, Jonathan Foust, Pat Coffey and Hugh Byrne.

Currently, Kay and her husband, Philip, lead several Mindfulness Practice Groups in Richmond, Virginia as well as offer periodic day-long silent meditation retreats. She credits her personal meditation practice and ongoing study in these areas with enriching her life every day by helping her remember what is most important and by reminding her to be fully present to her experiences and more open in her heart.


PHDPhilip H. Davidson

Currently, Philip is a Mindfulness Coach, Teacher, Student and Practitioner. He works with individuals in organizations to build their leadership skills by applying the basics of Mindfulness: Self Awareness, Intention, Clarity and Kindness.

He and wife Kay lead several Mindfulness Practice Groups, where individuals can learn to meditate and explore how they can apply the basics of Mindfulness to their daily lives.

In October 2013 he completed the two year Meditation Teacher Training Institute offered by the Insight Meditation Community of Washington. The teachers for this program were Tara Brach, Jonathan Foust, Pat Coffey and Hugh Byrne.

Essential to being an effective Mindfulness teacher is having an active personal practice. Philip typically meditates several times a week, reads extensively in this field and applies Awareness and Intention to the activities in his daily life. He has attended several extended meditation retreats and mindfulness workshops.

Philip grew up in Michigan and was educated in the midwest, with a BA from the University of Michigan, an MBA from Western Michigan University and a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois. He and Kay have lived rxinfo center in Richmond since 1970 where they raised their son Matt. Through 1997 Philip was in the banking business and was very active with several community organizations, especially in the performing arts.

He and Kay live in West Oak, not far from Matt, his wife Stephanie and their children Conor and Claire.

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MONDAYS FROM 6:00P - 6:30P; Silent Meditation Practice led by variuous local experienced meditators; Chrysalis Gathering Space, 3527 Ellwood Ave in Carytown



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