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May I live my life from the ground of Loving Kindness. May I be full of Loving Kindness. May I receive Loving Kindness. May I offer Loving Kindness. May I be Happy. May I be safe and free from harm. May I be well in body and spirit. May I live with ease.

A Monthly Chrysalis Institute Email Publication  |  OCTOBER 2014 

"If we could read the secret history of our enemies, we should find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility." --LONGFELLOW

 Compassion and the Law of Life | by Kay Davidson

It seems ironic that just as social scientists have begun exploring the positive in our human natures, there is also considerable agreement among others that this current adult generation- we who are living now- is the most medicated, addicted, in-debt, and obese adult cohort in human history. Researcher/storyteller Brene Brown believes that these all signal our attempts to escape our difficult emotions and to numb us to our vulnerability. There is no question that, in fact, we are vulnerable...

You have heard us talk for a while now about neuroscience, the brain and neuroplasticity. Below is a link to a compelling TED Talk on this topic, including how we can use our brains to access our inherent compassion. Enjoy!


The following is from the Mindful website about what can get in the way of meditating and how to deal with it.

Many media outlets have been talking for a number of years now about how ubiquitous mindfulness is, the impact it’s having in a variety of sectors and all the wonderful science that continues to be published. But I noticed that many people in the media don’t talk much about the actual formal practice of mindfulness meditation and that’s probably because it can be a hard habit to establish. One thing I’ve learned is if you want to establish a practice you have to look directly at what’s getting in the way and allow those obstacles to be your greatest teachers.

We’ve been in Maine now for three weeks and it’s been great! One of my pleasures here is that each morning--early- I take one of our dogs for a walk through the 100 year old city park that’s a short distance from where we’re staying. For the past several days, I’ve introduced a simple mindfulness practice into this daily habit.  As I start up the hill from our house, I say the mantra “May I be more mindful today.” I repeat it a few times at the beginning and then- if I remember- I repeat it later as I’m heading back toward the cup of coffee waiting for me.

Recently my wife Kay and I were planning the schedule for our Mindfulness Practice Groups’ Winter/Spring Series. I had been thinking for a few days about how I wanted the schedule to be and so my views were both clear to me and were firming up. As we moved into the conversation it became obvious that Kay and I had rather different points of view as to what the schedule should be.

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